World Autism Awareness Day 2016


On the 2nd April 2016 was world autism day all you wonderful parents joined us in making a real difference for autism and as well as raising awareness, you all took it the day to another level by raise funds for Sparkle Sheffield. Even though that day was extremely wet and quite miserable, It didn’t dampen our children’s spirits.  They walked proudly around the winter gardens and even did a lap outside in the rain with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sheffield.  Incredibly there were no major meltdowns and our children were so happy and all beautifully behaved.  Which was just so wonderful especially because they were all so far out of their comfort zone.

Well we would like to announce that the complete total raised on that amazing day.  (this includes the money that was raised Bridget and Vinny who walked over the millennium Dome on the same day) was a whooping.


This is an absolutely staggering amount and such an achievement by you parents and a really outstanding achievement by our children.  We are so proud of you all and just so grateful.

Thank you to all you wonderful parents, children, and all the friends and relatives and all the volunteers that took part in that special day. It was an extremely successful event and it would not have been as special or successful without you.