Autism Fayre Changes and Mark Brown 1-to-1 Session

Hello Everyone.. It’s me Leesh… Thank you so much for allowing us to have some space… We have had a lot of family challenges that we have had and still have to deal with..and it all became a bit too much and we reached a point that left us feeling completely overwhelmed.. So we had no choice but to stop everything and put our families first… And we can’t thank you all enough for the lovely kind messages and posts of encouragement.. It was so comforting to know you were all supporting us..

Now to time to Sparkle!!……We have two major changes that we need to tell you about.. The first and most important one is

This years Autism Fayre has had to be postponed until the 8th and 9th September 2016… This is because I am scheduled to have major surgery in March… ( having the Fayre in September gives me time to recover ) But if you have already brought a ticket… You can use that same ticket to get into the Fayre in September..If you can’t.. We will gladly refund you your money.. We are so sorry for the inconvenience! (For ticket refunds please contact

The other bit of the change is (and this is to make up for postponing the Fayre) our lovely Mark Brown will be doing one to one’s with you on the 17th March instead! ( this would have been the first day of the autism Fayre) BOOK YOUR SPOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!! The Father’s Seminar is also still going ahead!!


So mixed news and we hope you are all ok with these changes.. As unfortunately it can not be helped.. My health has to come first..thank you all again for your support . Love to you all and thank you for being the amazing parents you are!!!! Xxxx