Add your input to the Westminster Commission on Autism

The Westminster Autism Commission is an independent, cross-party group with leaders from the autism sector influencing policy & practice for an autism friendly world. The Commission is currently asking for submissions to a survey, which they hope will help influence future policies and ensure people with Autism are better able to access vital services.

The Westminster Commission on Autism is conducting an inquiry into access to quality healthcare for people on the autism spectrum and we need your input. This report will make recommendations to the Government to improve healthcare for people with autism. Please tell us what would help you and your family!

  • Are you on the autism spectrum?
  • Are you a health professional?
  • Are you a parent/carer for someone on the autism spectrum?
  • Do you represent a charity or third sector organisation who work with people on the autism spectrum?
  • Are you a professional in the field of autism?
  • Are you an academic in the field of autism?

If so, PLEASE send a written submission to the Westminster Commission on Autism. We need to hear from those who have stories, opinions, suggestions and ideas to help improve access to healthcare for people on the autism spectrum. If you are a parent/carer for someone who would be unable to contribute to the commission using the Easy Read form, please advocate appropriately for them in your submission. You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom make a submission.

A form is available to help structure your submission, or you can take a look at the “easy to read” version. Ideally, submissions should be sent by email or by post.

A limited number of telephone appointments are also available for those who would find it easier to submit their input by telephone.

Learn more about the Westminster Commission and submit your own experiences here.

Photo credit: Melfoody