Sparkle Sheffield Awards

Celebrating Families with Autistic Children

Sparkle Sheffield are hosting the first ever Autism Awards Night in Sheffield. This will honour all those people who have helped to make South Yorkshire a better place by either going the extra mile for someone with autism in very special and different way or by raising awareness awareness within the local area.

Do you know someone who has made a huge difference in your life or the life of your child’s or even made a family members life so much better because they wanted to make a difference? Do they deserved to be recognised for everything they have done or are doing? Nominate them today!!

All nominations must be submitted by Wednesday 28th February 2018

(The Sparkle Sheffield Awards Night will be held at St Paul’s Mercure Hotel Sheffield City Centre 16th June 2018 and is a black tie event. Sparkle Sheffield’s Patron, Adrian Lester will be in attendance this year and is looking forward to the evening. Tickets for this event will be on sale very soon.)

The categories are as follows:

Adrian Lester’s Sibling of the Year Award – Child of Outstanding Contribution (Adrian Lester to nominate who the winner will be and will present the award)

This award is for the Sibling in your family who has consistently been there for their autistic brother/sister. A person who goes far beyond for them. A child who has had to put their Sibling before themselves, raised awareness for autism and who has never moaned or fussed because they understand the struggles that their brother/Sister faces everyday.

Isobel Bowler Award for Outstanding Special Achievement Of The Year (Mr Richard Bowler to nominate who the winner will be and will present the award)

In her memory this award is to recognise the achievements of an autistic person. To nominate a child in this category. They must have an official diagnosis of autism. Just as every individual is different with unique interests, talents and abilities this award recognises and will reflect what achievement this person has obtained, what goal they have reached. The “something” they have done or can now do that may have seemed unlikely or unreachable but has been accomplished and you would like to share this significance with us!

Denise Fox’s Sparkle People’s Champion Award (Denise Fox to nominate who the winner will be and will present the award)

Do you know a Parent, Carer, Grandparent, Family friend, someone who goes above and beyond to support, care or advocate for someone with autism? It may be for a child or an adult but in this category we would like to receive nominations to recognise care givers, those working hard in the background whose efforts and time may often go unrecognised by others but you have noticed and would like them to be acknowledged for the amazing care and devotion

Sparkle Sheffield’s Most Inspirational Volunteer Award (HTC Wolffkran to to nominate who the winner will be and will present the award)

This is a volunteer who has done incredible things for autism within your organisation. They may have done something to raise funds, consistently supported and fought for an autistic person or maybe they have raised awareness for autism in an amazing way!

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Sparkle Sheffield Professionals Award

Throughout a person’s diagnosis journey they, the family meet lots of different professionals be it in Health (GP/Paediatrician/Dentist/Nurse/Health Visitor), Education (Nursery Nurse/Teacher/Teaching Assistant/SALT/ASD Officer) , Social Care,Respite Providers etc.. In this category we would like you to nominate an autism professional, someone who has made a difference to you or the person you care for. They have been available, made time for you, helped the process and you would like to officially recognise their efforts

The South Yorkshire Police Most Incredible SENCO

SENCO’s can make should an huge impression on a child’s life, they determine a child’s future. Some SENCO’s take their jobs to a different level to do all they can for the pupils under their care. Do you know a SENCO who does that and so much more.

In each of these categories we would like you to complete the online nomination form with your details and those of the person you are nominating.

Adrian Lester. Photo credit ‘Hustle BBC/AMC’.

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